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MotorGuide Xi5 Wireless Trolling Motor - Freshwater - Sonar/GPS - 80lbs-54"-24V
  • The Xi5 uses LED lights in the controller so anglers can quickly check the status of four key functions in any light conditions; The battery power indicator uses different colored lights to show three levels of battery life in real time
  • Our wireless pedal provides outstanding motor control from anywhere on the boat; The intuitive, pro-style 'heel-toe' operation controls steering that's extremely quiet, precise and 50% faster than the competition; Digital variable speed control enables exceptional low-speed trolling capability and longer run time
  • A wireless foot pedal is standard with freshwater models; Plus, we've made it stealthy quiet and silky smooth; And you'll also see thoughtful details that make it safe and easy to use
  • Its very easy and elegant to use
AQUOS HASWING White 12V55LBS 54inch Bow Mount Trolling Motor with Remote Control, Wired Foot Control, Quick Release Bracket for Inflatable Boat Bass Boat Aluminum Boat Fishing Freshwater/Saltwater
  • AQUOS Haswing Cayman B (NOT GPS) 12V 55LBS 54inch Bow Mount Trolling Motor is designed and engineered to run quieter than ever before. With variable speed will let you dial in your desired speed and provide more precise, smoother adjustments plus improved control. Moreover the variable speed is the lower power consumption of the motor, it can increase battery life quite a bit at any speed. Also the trolling motor suitable for boats weighing up to 2750LBS, Max boat length (suggestion) 18ft.
  • The remote control fits into the palm of your hand easily or can be attached around your neck with a lanyard. Conveniently control the motor on the boat or shore-side with the farthest 164 ft distance, meanwhile the remote can be recharged with a USB cable on power bank when necessary. Quick release bracket can help you to install/remove the motor easily. The 14.7 ft cable wired foot control, can not only release your hands when fishing but also provide precise, easy operation.
  • Cruise control (NOT SPOT LOCK) keeps your boat at the desired speed by using remote control to press on the speed up or down button then you can focus on fishing all the way, but you might have to manually correct the direction from time to time due to wind or current, meanwhile you can adjust the speed when you need. And if you turn the motor 180 degrees of rotation and it will push the boat in reverse direction.
  • AQUOS Haswing Cayman 55LBS 54inch shaft bow mount trolling motor can be set up both in fresh water and salt water, it is designed to have excellent corrosion resistance, using a sacrificial anode that protects important metal components. The 54-inch Aluminum Alloy Shaft (available 44.3 inch) makes it easy for different types boat, meantime please hold on the motor shaft before adjust motor depth to avoid slide.
  • Comfortable to carry the motor with the ergonomic lifting handle, makes you take the motor off the car or boat effortless in every using time. And the stow and deploy pedal can be depressed with a single hand or foot and makes transitioning between in the water and on the boat quickly, so you can save more strength to reel in the big ones. The easy-to-use depth collar lets you change depths quickly, simply, securely. When you find depth, locks in tight to keep your motor right where you want it.
MotorGuide 8M0092069 Xi Series Wireless Foot Pedal — For Xi3 and Xi5 Series Trolling Motors — Variable Speed Control, Black
  • Provides digital variable speed control
  • Operates using 2.4 Ghz frequency
  • Compatible with all Xi Series trolling motors
  • Requires two AA batteries
  • Up to four wireless pedals can be used simultaneously with Xi Series trolling motors
MotorGuide M887657 Wireless Digital RF Remote — for Operating Wireless Series Trolling Motors — 20-Hour Operation
  • Handheld remote controller precisely controls a Wireless Series trolling motor
  • Conveniently lets boater control the motor from anywhere on the boat
  • Motor controls include on/off, right/left and faster/slower
  • Powered by a 3-volt battery that can deliver 20 hours of continuous operation
  • Draws battery power only when sending commands, so battery can last for 500-600 hours of boating
PARKHO HASWING Boat Electric Trolling Motor – 12V 54" 55lbs Cayman GPS Anchor Control Shaft Bow Mount Portable Fishing Saltwater Freshwater with Wireless Remote Quick Release Bracket Foot Controller
  • QUIET ELECTRIC MOTOR - Our HASWING 54” Shaft Trolling Motor GPS system is designed and engineered to run quieter than ever before. It is so quiet that the fish will never hear you coming. There are variable speed functions that let you dial in your desired speed to provide more precise and smooth adjustments, as well as improve control of the motor. The advanced GPS technology will do the work for you so you can rest easy and spend more time catching and less time chasing the fish!
  • SMART NAVIGATION SYSTEM - Download the free Helmsman App with real live map and advanced features on iOS and Android. With a smart user interface, this makes fishing trips easy – especially with cruise control. A handheld wireless remote control is included, so you can control all functions from anywhere on the boat. If your smart phone runs out of power, the remote can still function to change direction and speed up/slow down the trolling motor. This can be charged with a USB charger (500AH).
  • ANCHOR CONTROL - The Helmsman can lock on and hold tight to your desired fishing spot like an electronic anchor. Regardless of wind, waves, or current, just by clicking the anchor icon, the high-sensitivity GPS will locate the current position quickly and precisely. If the boat drifts more than 6 feet away, it will trigger the trolling motor to take the boat back automatically. The full motor pilot control enables you to regulate speed, propulsion, and steering so you can fish from any position.
  • SAVE AND RECORD ROUTES - It is a convenient, accurate feature to be able to create, modify, or delete unique fishing spots & routes from your live map using your touchscreen smart device. The Helmsman routes feature will keep your boat on course so you can focus on fishing. With auto-navigation, the Helmsman will keep the boat following along the shoreline or other structures and maintain a constant speed. Save an unlimited amount of your favorite fishing spots & routes on all your devices.
  • EMERGENCY PROTECTION - For your ultimate safety, there is a Safety-Buckle that can be found in the Helmsman's ultra rugged charging cable. During usage of the electric trolling motor, you can simply unplug the safety buckle and it will stop the trolling motor immediately to prevent damage in case of any emergency. Reliable and quick, you can enjoy your fishing trips without any worry with this emergency stop feature. Elevate your experience with HASWING GPS Bow Mount Trolling Motor.
PARKHO HASWING Electric Trolling Motor – 12V 55LB 54 Inch Shaft Cayman B Bow Mount Boat Fishing Saltwater Freshwater with Remote Control 50700-137B_R
  • ELECTRIC MOTOR – Our Cayman 12V 55lb Trolling Motor system is aimed at serious fisherman who require the versatility of guiding their motor via hand remote or wired foot controller. It is designed and engineered to run efficiently with variable speeds for more precise, smooth adjustments, and improved control of the motor. It’s a quieter motor for easier fishing. Rest easy and spend more time catching and less time chasing the fish with Cayman, a trolling motor with all the power you need!
  • SPEED CONTROL – Featuring digital technology built into this motor system that provides a forward movement and reverse speed control at variable speeds. Precisely dial in your desired speed as you go fishing and easily speed up and slow down as needed. You can even cruise control to maintain a constant, consistent speed so you can focus on fishing and other tasks. With a smart user interface like this, it will make fishing trips super easy and more convenient.
  • ADJUSTABLE DEPTH COLLAR – The Black Cayman has an adjustable depth collar on the 54” cast alloy aluminum shaft and a stabilizer and lift-handle for the motor. These full motor pilot control features on this fishing engine enable you with a lot of flexibility to regulate speed, propulsion, and steering so you can fish and boat around from any position, especially when dealing with winds, waves, and currents.
  • MULTIFEATURED MOTOR – This motor comes with various features, including a remote controller, durable brush motor, aluminum shaft, LED battery power reader, wireless control reset key, bow-mount, stow/deploy pedal, side door, motor stabilizer and lift handle, 3 blade propeller, and replaceable fin. Right on top is a power reader display, placed conveniently and easily readable to see the status of the 105AH deep cycle battery that produces 1.5 hour top speed thrust continuity.
  • REMOTE CONTROL – Cayman electric trolling motor includes a remote control for easier controlling of the motor from within 164 ft distance. Control speed and turns wirelessly (or with wired foot control option) to free up hands to focus on other things. With 360 degree electric steering speed controls and propeller speeds of up to 1200rpm max underwater, it’s reliable and quick so you can enjoy your fishing trip without any worry. Elevate your experience with Cayman 12V 55lbs Trolling Motor.
Logitech Pro Flight Rudder Pedals
  • Smooth and accurate self-centering rudder pedals add another layer of realistic control to your flight simulation setup
  • Whether you prefer the lighter response of a small aircraft or the more robust feel of a heavy jet, a simple twist of the Adjustable Tension Dial will have you flying your way.
  • Differential Toe Brakes deliver the full control you need when bringing your aircraft up to its stand on the runway
Energizer Lithium Coin Blister Pack Watch/Electronic Batteries, 1 Count (Pack of 2)
  • Pack of 2 batteries
  • Lithium coin batteries for watches and electronic devices
  • Has a power of 3 volts
AQUOS Haswing Cayman T 12V 55LBS 39 inch Electric Transom Trolling Motor with Remote Control and Wired Foot Control for Fishing Boat Bass Boat Inflatable Boat
  • Haswing Cayman T 12V 55LBS Trolling Motor aimed at serious fishermen who require the versatility of guiding their motor via a hand remote and/or wired foot control pedal. It's equipped with one-way stepless speed control. The depth height can easily be adjusted, so you can motor in virtually any water. Suitable for both salt and fresh water.
  • The remote control fits into the palm of your hand easily or can be attached around your neck with a lanyard. Conveniently control the motor on the boat or shore-side with the farthest 164 ft distance, meanwhile the remote can be recharged with a USB cable on power bank when necessary.
  • The 14.7 ft cable wired foot control, can not only release your hands when fishing but also provide precise, easy operation.
  • It offers 0-85 degree of tilting position that can meet your requirements.
  • All motors feature LED battery meters. Display 3 levels of battery power.
Minn Kota 1358737 PowerDrive Freshwater Electric-Steer Bow-Mount Trolling Motor with Digital Maximizer, 55 lbs Thrust, 54" Shaft, Black
  • 54" Shaft, 12v, 55 lbs Thrust
  • Deploy-Assist Lever: Get in and out of the water easily. Just depress the lever to deploy your trolling motor and when it's time to move, it stows easily and securely
  • Side-To-Side/Electric Foot Pedal: Control speed, steering, and momentary and constant on/off with the PowerDrive foot pedal, which is waterproof and features an 18' cord. Note: the foot pedal is not included with i-Pilot models
  • Digital Maximizer: Provides up to 5 times longer run time on a single battery charge. These variable speed trolling motors let you dial in your exact speed, and they deliver only as much power as you need, helping to conserve your battery for a full day of fishing
  • Weedless Wedge 2 Prop: With swept-back flared blades to power through anything without battery-draining chopping and hacking, the Weedless Wedge 2 is one of the most trusted props in fishing

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