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The Blissful Dog Xoloitzcuintli Nose Butter – Dog Nose Butter, 0.15 Ounce
  • Dog Nose Butter - Moisturizes your dog's nose, reviving and softening the nose with layers of all-natural butters and oils
  • Handcrafted in Far Northern MN Using All-Natural Ingredients
  • Available in 1,2,4, 8 and 16 ounces tins,.15 ounces and .50 ounces tubes
  • Dog Nose Cream - Available with 70 Dog Breed Labels + Every Dog Nose and Three Cute Puppies
  • Easy dog nose care - Easy to apply; Dab onto your dog's nose; that's it! Enriched with shea butter, this dog nose moisturizing butter brings relief to your dog’s dry nose. Non-toxic, no active ingredients, no harm if ingested
Snout Magic: 100% Organic and Natural Dog Nose Butter (2oz) - Proven to Cure Your Dog's Dry, Chapped, Cracked, and Crusty Nose
  • 100% Natural and Organic Dog Nose Butter Enriched With Organic Coconut Oil For Your Dog's Dry Nose
  • Is Your Dog In Pain Because of Having Rough, Dry, and Cracked Nose? Snout Magic Soothes and Heals Their Snout Like Magic!
  • This #1 Premium Organic Dog Nose Balm and Dog Nose Salve is MADE IN THE USA! Carefully Selected and Crafted Ingredients Safe for All Dogs and Even Humans!
  • Veterinarian Recommended To Soothe Your Dog’s Dry Nose Caused By Hyperkeratosis and Say Good Bye to Cracked Dog Nose Forever!
  • To Cure Your Dog’s Dry, Chapped, Cracked, and Crusty Snout Like Magic In 3 Days Or Ask For Your Money Back
Bulldog Nose Butter & Paw Balm Treatment for Dry, Cracked and Rough Paw & Snout 2oz-Also Paw Moisturizer for Dogs and Protection for Hot Pavement-Bulldog Nose Balm & Paw Cream-Snout Soother for Dogs
  • Snout&Paw Balm 2x1-All pets go through rough patches and need you to come to the rescue with our frenchie nose balm.When out for walks,your dog is exposed to the weather,wind and impurities,our dog paw protector for dogs is that extra shielding layer they need
  • Paw Soother for Dogs-Our dog paw ointment for dogs and nose butter for french bulldogs heals, moisturizes, softens&soothes your dog cracked paws.Both a dog balm for paws and dog snout balm help to keep your pet from scratching and heals chapped dog paws,bringing the biggest smile to your little pal.Thanks to our french bulldog nose butter&paw balm dogs lick safe&dog hot spot treatment for dogs (also snout balm for dogs paws,dog moisturizer for dry skin,dog lotion for dry itchy skin treatment)
  • English Bulldog Accessories-Our nose balm for dogs natural is a must-add to your french bulldog accessories.They are also used as,nose butter dogs,dog nose butter, ,dog paw lotion,paw butter,dog paw cream for dogs,natural paw balm for dogs,dog paw moisturizer,puppy paw balm,dog moisturizer for dry skin,dog lotion for dry itchy skin treatment,dog lotion for dog paws,dog elbow butter for dogs,dog sunscreen for dogs,dog paw wax,dog paw balm for snow,dog itch relief,dog skin soother for dogs
  • The Half is in the Honey-The half from our dog nose and paw balm&dog foot balm is from the bees that contribute to the Manuka Honey that is used to produce your bulldog products. The honey contains natural oils and waxes designed to be safe, effective and easy to apply to the dog itch skin treatment and infected areas of your precious pet
  • TPaH Promise-Made In the USA-At Two Pets and a Half we stand by our products and offer a full refund warranty if you experience any issues with your product. 100% customer satisfaction is what we strive for at Two Pets and a Half. Our secret is love and Manuka Honey
Project Paws - Nature's Butter Dog Snout Balm - Coconut Oil and Shea Butter Dog Moisturizer for Dry Skin - Dog Itching Skin Relief - Nose Moisturizer, Nose Wax & Snout Soother - 2-oz tin, White
  • Year-Round Solution for Dog Dry Skin: powerful coconut oil and shea butter skin soother for dogs works in cold weather, harsh dry climates, or any time your pup's snout is irritated, dry, or cracked.
  • Shea Butter Moisturizer Promotes Healing: dog nose butter is an all natural solution designed to help skin heal. With rich butter and nourishing oil, this unscented balm soothes itchy, dry noses.
  • Target Cracked Snout Issues With Dog Nose Balm: sensitive nose skin requires specialized care. This dog nose balm is specially formulated to soothe irritated sniffers quickly and effectively.
  • Dog Nose Butter Works in Any Climate: whether your pup has a chapped nose from dry conditions or cracked skin from the cold, this dog skin soother heals snouts effectively in any environment.
  • High Quality Coconut Oil and Shea Butter Ingredients: made by farmers in northern Minnesota, you can trust this natural dog nose lotion will fight itching and irritation without further drying skin.
Warren London Hydrating Butter Balm- Dog Balm for Paws and Nose- Made in USA- Unscented 4oz
  • Soothing & Moisturizing Dog Nose and Paw Cream- Formulated as a thicker & richer version of our famous hydrating skin & coat butter to remain durable on dry dog nose & paws- creamy lotion consistency allows for deeper absorption than paw defense wax.
  • Relieve Dry Cracked Dog Nose with this Dog Nose Butter Balm- The unscented formula allows for direct application of the dog nose balm without irritation from odor- This dog nose moisturizer quickly absorbs into dog dry nose as a dog nose soother.
  • Relief Beyond Dog Paw Protection- Dog shoes, dog booties, and paw waxes are a paw shield for dogs, but this dog paw balm penetrates deep into the skin to provide the ultimate in hydrating relief. This paw butter balm for dogs is like a soothing paw nectar.
  • Versatile Uses- Designed as a dog nose and paw balm, but this dog nose salve can also be applied to any area with dry, tough, or scaly skin. Use on the elbow, wrinkles, or even as a snout soother for dogs. Use with or in place of your
  • Proudly Made in USA- This dry nose balm for dogs works well with all breed's dog chapped nose conditions and especially well as a bulldog nose butter or boston terrier nose butter. Look no further in finding you dog nose protector or paw ointment.
My Dog Nose It Moisturizing Sun Protection Balm for Dogs Noses - Protect Your Dog from Harmful UVA/UVB Rays .5 Ounce
  • SUN PROTECTION AND WATER RESISTANT: Formulated with all natural ingredients, our balm protects dog's noses from harmful sun rays that cause cracking and sunburn on our furry friends noses. It is water resisitant which means it's great for using at the beach, the lake or even just sunbathing in the back yard at home!
  • SNOUT SOOTHER: With all natural ingredients such as Carnuba Wax, Coconut Oil and more, our balm is great for dry cracked noses and paws. Bring your dog some relief by using our moisturizing and healing balm. For best results, apply before bedtime for maximum absorption.
  • SAFE FOR YOUR PET: Human sunscreen is very toxic to our furry friends. Our Balm is created with all natural - safe ingredients for your dog. Keep your dog safe by applying our sunscreen balm to their nose, ears and belly.
  • WHAT TYPE OF BREED IS THIS GOOD FOR? All breeds, however we highly recommend our moisurizing sun protection balm for any light colored fur, dogs with thin coats or no coats. According to the AKC - Some dogs are more at risk for sunburn than others such as, hairless dog breed. Also, dogs with white or thin coats and dogs with light-pigmented noses and eyelids are also more at risk for sunburn.
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: We pride ourselves for being 100% manufactured in the USA and for using the highest quality ingredients. Our excellent customer service team is always available for help.
BUGALUGS Dog Nose Balm 30g, Natural Lick Safe Paw Balm for Dogs Contains Colloidal Oatmeal, Dog paw Cream Vegan Formula Nose Balm for Dogs Reduces Skin Irritation and Redness.
  • Contains colloidal oatmeal - this amazing ingredient gives anti-inflammatory benefits and reduces skin irritation and redness.
  • Paw health - dog paw balm works great to keep dogs paws moisturised & hydrated giving year-round protection from the elements.
  • Soft noses - bugalugs nose balm for dogs helps keep noses from cracking and drying - Contains Oat Lipid E which is Rich in vitamin E and Linoleic acid.
  • Quality ingredients - oatmeal paw butter Lick safe formula, contains natural soothing ingredients which include oatmeal, Coconut Oil, Sweet Almond Oil that help heal & keep nose and paws smooth & moisturised.
  • Our range includes - dog shampoo, dog accessories, dog flea treatment, dog toothpaste, dog ear cleaner, puppy shampoo, dog perfume, dog conditioner, dog cologne, dog toys, dog toy & dog treats.
Dermoscent BIO Balm® - Dog Paw Balm - Organic Moisturizer for Paw Pads, Nose & Elbow - Cracked & Dry Skin Relief - 50 ml Jar
  • REPAIRS DOG PADS - Natural skincare to protect dry, cracked paws and nose. Use on problem skin areas such as hyperkeratotic noses or pads, calluses or thickened skin.
  • CERTIFIED ORGANIC - 100% natural organic certified ingredients. Feel good knowing you are using high-quality paw balm on your pet's sensitive skin. Does not contain mineral oil or petroleum-based ingredients.
  • WATERPROOF - Provides water-resistant protection from the outdoors. Goes on easy, like paw butter. Almost like a cream but with a thick and rich texture. Rapidly absorbs with long-lasting protection.
  • MOISTURIZES AND SOOTHES - Dry skin relief for sensitive skin. Softens and soothes cracking as it absorbs. Tip: If your K9 likes to wear dog shoes or booties, put the soothing balm on the paws first. Makes a perfect dog gift.
  • HOW TO USE - Apply Dermoscent BIO BALM on clean, dry areas. Particularly on the nose, elbows, paws and in the interdigital areas. For a dry and scaly nose, apply a little to the nose each night.
Organic Nose & Paw Wax Balm for Dogs - 100% Natural, Made in USA, & USDA Certified Soother - Snout & Foot Pad Ointment Cream Moisturizer for Dry Cracked K9 or Puppy Skin - Ruff Relief Paw Protection
  • HEAL, PREVENT & PROTECTOR: Ruff Relief effectively moisturizes your pet's nose, paws, elbows, wrinkles, or other problem areas with ease leaving smoother skin. Dry skin can be uncomfortable, unsightly and unsafe for your dog's nasal or foot region. We created Ruff Relief Balm to solve that problem. Use our specially formulated natural salve cream to repair your dog's skin or hot spots, and get that tail waggin'! Quickly soothes problem areas and protects skin. Rub in daily for maintenance.
  • CERTIFIED USDA ORGANIC: Many competitors claim organic but aren't officially certified. Take note of the official USDA Organic seal on our packaging, and rest assured that you're purchasing a product with the highest quality unscented ingredients that are both safe and healthy. Ruff Relief Balm is certified by Oregon Tilth. Complete ingredient list: Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Organic Coconut Oil, Organic Beeswax, Organic Carnauba Wax, Jojoba Wax, Non-GMO Vitamin E.
  • MADE IN THE UNITED STATES: Our nose butter and pawz pad soother is Made in the heart of America ensuring quality and safety for your dog. You wouldn't trust an imported ointment yourself, so why risk it with your dog? Buy this American-made product with confidence knowing we hold ourselves to the highest quality standards and only sell products that we use on our own dogs. Whether it's from heat or snow and ice, our secret blend mends and prevents issues for your dog's snout and feet in no time.
  • NATURAL, HYPOALLERGENIC, & NON-TOXIC: Jars of Ruff Relief healing dog paw lotion are safe and made with your k9 or puppie health in mind. Our company makes this natural dog ointment salve to provide protection from both hot and cold weather during winter and summer while working to relieve and restore dry, chapped, damaged, itchy, crusty, bleeding, flaky, or cracking skin. These tins of softener treat regular dryness and pain as well as dogs with hyperkeratosis, dermatitis, or rashes.
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: At Pawstruck, we want you to be 100% satisfied and blissful with your purchase of our balm conditioner paste. That's why we stick behind our 30-day guarantee! If you and your k9 don't love our pawz palm and nose butter treatment, we're here to help. Our company's US-based customer care team is standing by. No matter the breed—english bulldog, french bulldog, pug, etc.—Ruff Relief is the perfect solution to dry skin.
Dog Nose Balm 100% Natural and Fragrance-Free Dulàc, Rich in Shea Butter, VIT E, Calendula, Beeswax - Made in Italy Soother for Dry and Cracked Dog Nose - Moisturizing, Repairing and Protective Cream
  • 🐶 Specific cream for dog nose, with emollient action, moisturizing and rich in repairing active ingredients. Protects, moisturizes and promotes the repair of chapped and dry snout
  • 🍃 Natural formula: our dog nose butter is natural and safe for your sweet pet! Contains Grapeseed Oil, Shea Butter, Olive and Wheat Germ Oil, Beeswax, Calendula and Vitamin E
  • 🚫 Fragrance-free nose balm, to help soothe and repair while preventing your dog from being annoyed by product application
  • 🦮 Jar format and with a buttery, soft and easily spreadable texture. It nourishes e protects deeply without irritating
  • ❤️ Gentle and lick safe product, non-toxic if ingested during dog self-cleaning! Contains no silicones, paraffins, petrolatum, mineral oils, SLES, PEG, parabens or synthetic dyes

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