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TaskFile Coin Counter Machine V2.0 | Coin Sorter Machine with Included Coin Wraps | Coin Roller Machine | Change Counter Machine for Professional and Personal Use!
  • ✔️ WHILE OTHER COIN COUNTERS & COIN SORTERS DO NOT HAVE THE ABILITY TO COUNT TOTAL SUM AND INDIVIDUAL COUNT, TASKFILE DOES! The TaskFile change counter machine helps you with the tedious task of counting coins while providing an ACCURATE AND FAST COUNT. Get an accurate total sum at a speed of 350 coins/minute SAVING YOU TIME AND EFFORT.
  • ✔️ The TaskFile coin sorter and wrapper machine provides an EFFORTLESS AND ACCURATE COIN COUNT EXPERIENCE. Say goodbye to miscounted coin wraps and incorrect deposit amounts! Our coin dispenser has extremely high accuracy compared to other coin counters and sorters!
  • ✔️ With a large screen and multiple options, the TaskFile Coin Machine provides A BUSINESS GRADE SOLUTION THAT IS EASY TO NAVIGATE AND USE. Our coin sorter and counter provides a TOTAL SUM AND AN INDIVIDUAL NUMBER OF COINS COUNTED , UNLIKE COMPETITORS. The total sum will be displayed on the screen, no more having to manually sum each denomination!
  • ✔️ The TaskFile coin counter machine roller includes a Coin Counter and Power Cord, Coin Tubes, COIN WRAPS, Coin Trays & Easy-to-Read Instruction Manual. SAVE MONEY WITH THE INCLUDED BONUS COIN WRAPS! All backed by the strongest warranty and 24/7 online support.
Xindabill XD-9005 Professional USD Coin Counter Machine Automatic Coin Sorter and Wrapper/Roller Equipment with Bin,Tube and LCD Display
  • 【Features】Reliable and accurate dollar coin sorting and counting machine with 5 coin accepting slots. Free and batch count modes are available. Used in "BAT" mode. The machine holds up to 500 units and counts 150 units per minute. Use the easy-to-read LCD screen to view the coin's total value and value by pressing the report button. The back of the machine has an error guide and a back door for remedial coins.
  • 【Mode】Press and hold "+" to set coin socket mode (it will automatically stop when coin socket is full); Press and hold "BAT" to restore coin box mode.
  • 【Convenient】The coin counter machine includes coin tube attachment and wrappers to automatically and easily fill pre-formed coin wrappers.Special Anti-Jam Technology allows for precise internal sorting when counting coins.
  • 【Easy Reporting】With easy to read LCD screen, view the counted coin total and value by pressing the report button.
  • 【After-sales service】Includes 1-year warranty.If you have any question after received the coin counter,you can contact us,we will reply within 12 hours.
Royal Sovereign, RSIFS500, FS-500 One-Row Coin Sorter, 1 Each, Gray
  • High Speed - Fast operation of 156 coins per minute
  • High Volume - Large hopper of 200 coins allows the user to sort more coins at once
  • Patented Anti-Jam Technology - Anti-Jam Technology allows you the ease of error free coin sorting as the machine will adjust the motor to prevent coin jams
  • Overflow Tray - Overflow tray gathers change that spills over for easy clean up
Royal Sovereign 4 Row Electric Coin Counter/Sorter with Patented Anti-Jam Technology & Digital Counting Display (FS-44N), Black
  • Fast Operation: Coin sorter rapidly sorts up to 312 coins per minute
  • Large Capacity: Coin counter can accept up to 80 coins for sorting and counting
  • Hands Free Operation: 4 Row Coin Counter with Auto Row Advancement. When coin tubes are full, the tubes will automatically move forward and continue counting/sorting
  • Effortless Wrapping: FS-44P comes with a total of 16 coin wrappers. 4 per denomination (4 Quarter wrappers, 4 Penny wrappers, 4 Nickel wrappers, and 4 Dime wrappers)
  • Easy to Use: LED Display shows total dollar amount counted as well as total amount by denomination
Nadex S540 Pro | Coin Counter, Sorter, and Wrapper | Sorts up to 300 Coins Per Minute | Comes with 48 Preformed Wrappers
  • 🏦 The Nadex S540 is our business grade coin counter, sorter and wrapper. Coin counting and sorting has never been easier! Simply pour your coins into the hopper, press start, and the machine will automatically count and sort your coins. Easily see the value and count of each coin being sorted by looking at the display. Press the start and stop button at any time to get a final tally.
  • 🏦 Key Features: Counts and sorts Dollar coins, Quarters, Nickels, Dimes, and Pennies. Displays both count count and total counted value. Sort into coin trays or directly into coin wrappers with the included coin tube attachments. One touch batch setting with Auto-stop to prevent overfilling. Custom batch settings to sort into trays and into tubes simultaneously for different denominations. 48 preformed coin wrappers included.
  • 🏦 In Depth Count Detail: The total value of the counted coins along with the quantity of each coin type displays on the screen during counting. Hopper capacity is up to 2000 coins (dimes). Bin Capacity is Dimes: 900, Nickels: 450, Quarters: 350, Pennies: 300, Dollars: 130.
  • 🏦 Multi Use: Coin tube attachments included to automatically and easily fill preformed coin wrappers. Simply place the coin wrappers into the tubes, set the one-touch tube batch setting, press start, and watch them fill up. The machine will automatically stop when a roll is full. Or you can use our Custom batch settings so you can use both the coin trays and tubes at the same time, making coin rolls for some denominations while other coins fill up the bins.
  • 🏦 Our Guarantee: Nadex manufactures a variety of coin management and money storage products. All Nadex products are backed by a 1 Year warranty! Please visit Nadex Coins to activate and don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns.
Coin Counters Tubes & Coin Sorters Tray – 5 Color-Coded Coin Sorting Tray and 5 Coin Counting Tubes - Bundle with 110-Count Assorted Coin Roll Wrappers for US Coins
  • COIN SORTER TRAY – Bundle includes 5 color-coded coin sorter trays made with high quality plastic ready to last while sorting your coins; Just stack them, pour coins into trays and shake it; Budgetizer trays are color-coded according to ABA and Federal Reserve denomination standards so make it easy to put Pennies, Nickels, Dimes, Quarters and Dollar coins into coin wrappers; This bundle It’s simple and time saving
  • COIN COUNTING TUBES – This practical bundle includes 5 color-coded coin sorting tubes; Budgetizer coin-counting tubes are designed to hold U.S coins and easily transfer into wrappers; This makes the wrapping process a breeze; With the strategic design of the tubes to match the wrappers, you only have to insert the coin into tubes, drop coins, invert and then coins are counted and ready to seal
  • OUR BUNDLE INCLUDES COIN ROLL WRAPPERS – Budgetizer coin sorter and coin counter kit includes 110 assorted flat coin wrappers distribute by 25 penny wrappers, 25 nickel roll, 25 dime rolls, 25 quarters wrappers and 10 dollar rolls; We ensure that our paper rolls are made high quality kraft paper so coins rolls will be safe to deposit in any bank.
  • PRODUCT INFO – Bundle includes 5 coin sorting trays, 5 coin counter tubes and 110 coins roll wrappers. Tubes, trays and wrappers are color-coded according to ABA and Federal Reserve denomination standards. This is the perfect set to save time and to keep your budget on track!
  • WARRANTY INFORMATION – We ensure that our coin organizer bundle will meet your expectations; If for any reason, it doesn’t, we offer returns without questions asked; If you have any issues, do not hesitate to contact us and we will be more than happy to ensure you have a positive experience
Royal 89360D CS 120 Coin Sorter (Black)
  • Counts and sorts quarters, nickels, dimes, and pennies
  • Digital counter
  • Reset button
  • Coin tubes with fill lines
  • 1-year warranty
Kolibri KCS-2000 Professional USD Coin Counter, Sorter and Wrapper/Roller, 220 Coins/min, LED Display with Full Report, Batch Feature – Included 5 Coin Bins & Tubes
  • [ALL-IN-ONE] The KCS-2000 is a business grade Coin Counter, Coin Sorter and Roll/Wrapper. Coin counting and sorting has never been easier! Simply pour your coins into the hopper, press START, and the machine will automatically count, sort and wrap your coins. See the total value of coin counted on the screen and press REPORT to get the breakdown by denomination.
  • [BUILT FOR US COINS] Counts and sorts Dollar coins, Quarters, Nickels, Dimes, and Pennies into the included trays or coin tubes to roll the coins. Sort into coin trays or directly into coin wrappers with the included coin tubes. One touch batch setting with auto-stop to prevent overfilling. Custom batch settings to sort into trays and into tubes simultaneously for different denominations.
  • [FAST & EFFICIENT] One Touch to set the batch amount for both the coin bins and the wrappers. Count and sort at a speed of 220 coin/min. Hopper capacity is up to 2000 coins (dimes). Bin Capacity is Dimes: 900, Nickels: 450, Quarters: 350, Pennies: 300, Dollars: 130. Large LED display to easily see the full on-screen report.
  • [VERSATILE] Perfect to wrap coins or just count and sort loose coins. Coin tube attachments included to fill preformed coin wrappers automatically and easily. Simply place the coin wrappers into the tubes, press start, and watch them fill up. The machine will automatically stop when a roll is full. Or you can use the custom batch settings to use both the coin trays and tubes at the same time, making coin rolls for some denominations while other coins fill up the bins.
  • [EXPERTISE] Kolibri is a USA based company expert in cash handling equipment. Our goal is to provide quality, durable and easy to use products at affordable price. The Kolibri KCS-2000 includes 1-year Kolibri warranty and free lifetime technical support.
Goplus Electric Coin Counter, Coin Sorter Machine Large Capacity 330 Coins/min with LED Counting Display, Coin Tubes, Supports All U.S. Coin Currency (Black)
  • 【Two Count Modes】 This machine can work in two modes: free count and batch count mode. The machine counts all the coins in the hopper with no stop until the coins receiving slot is full in free count mode. The batch count mode will be preset by an expected number on the batch number display then the machine counts a batch of coins according to it.
  • 【Report Function】 The coin sorter machine can give a report about the number of the different value coins after counting. It includes an LED digital readout that displays total value and number of coins, as well as individual coin collecting tray containers, which is absolutely a great helper to make you free from tiring calculation and avoid mistakes.
  • 【Fast & Accurately Sort All U.S. Coin Currency】 Coin counter can finish rapid and accurate sorting and reaches 330 coins per minute maximum. It is compatible with all kinds of U.S. coin currency, including pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters, half dollars and dollar coins. You can sort up all coins with this one at one time
  • 【Large Capacity】It comes with a wide funnel-shaped hopper to put coins in which can hold up to 300~500 coins in total for consumer counting convenience, each receiving slot can hold 80~150 coins. Compared with manual sorting, it has a overwhelming advantage in saving time and reducing labor to greatly enhance efficiency.
  • 【Ease to Use】 It is designed with a user friendly control panel for setting. Please use the “SET” key to select the coin type you want to preset and then use “+”, “-” and “BAT” key for the expected number.“START&STOP” key is to start counting or stop, press the “Report” key and then the machine will display the individual number for the each kind of coins, and then press “C” key it will return to display total value of all the coins.
Coin Counter Machine,Electric Coin Counter with Wrapper/Roller,Nextlifei Coin Sorter Organizer,USD Coin Roller Machine,Change Counter Machine Include Coin Bins/Tubes for Professional and Personal Use
  • 【Efficient】: coin counter machine can rapidly sorts up to 150+ coins per minute,also support hold up to 500 coins for consumer counting convenience at once.It counts all coins such as USA/Countable coins: 1, 5, 10, 25, $1
  • 【Accurate】: the perfect solution for a coin sorter,helps you with the tedious task of counting coins,It recognizes coins fast, aon-screen report showing breakdown of quantity and total value by denomination.
  • 【Concenient】: coin sorter and wrapper machine recognizes individual denominations and sorts them automatically into bins or tubes depending on your needs. Swap bins for coin tubes and use the preformed Coin Wrappers for fast and easy rolling.
  • 【Multipurpose】: this change counter machine & coin organizer can perfect worked for Retail store,Vending machine,Snack bar,Drugstore,Bus station,Gas station,Bank ,home use and personal use,such as coin collector and more.
  • 【What's you will get】 : order come with 1x Coin counter machine,Instruction manual,Coin tubes, Coin bins, and 5 sets of preformed coin wrappers.All backed by the 720 days warranty ,If you have any question after received the coin counter,you can contact us,we will reply within 8 hours.

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