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Malahit ATU-100 EXT 1.8-50MHz Automatic Antenna Tuner by N7DDC 7x7 Open Source Shortwave Antenna Tuner 3.2 Firmware Machine with Shell SMA to UHF/BNC
  • 【Ready to Use】Automatic Antenna Tuner machine with shell(No battery),No need to assemble, developed by N7DDC.
  • 【Firmware】3.2 version has been flashed
  • 【Accessories】High-quality 1000V high-voltage SMD capacitors, and the PIC chip imported. SMA to UHF connectors. SMA to BNC connectors.
  • 【Package】1*Automatic Antenna Tuner assembled Machine SMA to UHF and BNC connectors(No battery)
  • 【More】If you want instructions, you can ask via Amazon Messages. thanks
MFJ-993B MFJ993B MFJ-993 MFJ Original 1.8~30 MHz Automatic Antenna Tuner 300 Watts SSB / 150 Watts CW IntelliTuner w/SWR/Watt Meter.
  • Cross Needle and Digital SWR/WATT Meters : Lighted Cross-Needle and digital meters lets you accurately read SWR, forward and reflected power at a glance. An aural SWR meter lets you hear the tuned SWR when you can’t see or read the meters. Turn on a highly visible, instant response SWR LCD bargraph when you need it.
  • Backlit LCD Display : An easy-to-read backlit LCD displays SWR, forward/reflected power, frequency, antenna 1/2, L/C tuner values, on/off indicators and other information.
  • Remote Control Port : Plug in the MFJ-993RC remote control and put your tuner at your antenna or elsewhere and control it remotely. The MFJ-993 supports radio tuner interfaces such as the ICOM 706 series. Interface cables are available. The MFJ-993 is a compact 10Wx2¾ Hx9D inches. Use 12 –15 VDC/1 amp or 110 VAC with MFJ-1316.
  • Tune Any Antenna : You can tune any antenna — dipoles, verticals, beams, phased arrays, inverted vees, quads, random wires, mobile antennas, compact limited space antennas – practically any antenna. A 4:1 true current balun lets you tune any balanced antenna - - horizontal loops, vertical loops, multi-band doublets, quads, folded dipoles, Zepps.
JUNSHUNTONG Antenna Tuner ATU-100, EXT 1.8-55MHz Tiny 100W Open Source Shortwave Automatic Antenna Tuner with Metal Housing Assembled by N7DDC 7x7
  • 【DURTABLE】This ATU- 100 Automatic Antenna Tuner is assembled,ready to use! stable and reliable performance, practical, easy to operate and use。
  • 【SUIT MORE STATIONS】Mini antenna tuner ATU-100 is automatically tuned without any control wires, suitable for most radio stations.
  • 【MORE EFFECTIVE 】Antenna Tuner ATU-100 contains a set of 7 capacitors and 7 inductors, which allows it (with the largest configuration) to work effectively in a wide frequency band, overlapping the amateur radio HF band of 1.8-55MHz.
  • 【EXCELLENT EQUIPMENT】Tiny shortwave automatic antenna tuner made of metal housing, , M seat, OLED display,Type-C charging interface,has a long service life.
  • 【ACCURATE MEASUREMENT】Minimum step length installation inductance: 0.05uh; Maximum installation capacity: 1870pf; Minimum step length of installation capacity: 10pf. Power measuring accuracy: 10%; Maximum installation inductance: 8.54uh;
MFJ-941E MFJ941E MFJ Enterprises Original HF Antenna Tuner with Mini Cross Meter, 300 Watts
  • The MFJ-941E gives you a 300 Watt antenna tuner that covers everything from 1.8 - 30 MHz -- plus you get a lighted Cross-Needle meter with on/off switch, antenna switch and a 4:1 balun! (The light uses 12 VDC or 110 VAC with MFJ-1312D * Not included)
  • MFJs lighted Cross-Needle meter shows SWR, forward and reflected power all at a glance in 300/60 and 30/6 watt ranges, 8 position antenna switch lets you select 2 coax lines, random wire/balanced line or dummy load (direct or through).
  • An efficient 12 position airwound inductor gives lower losses and more power out. Has 4:1 balun, 1000 Volt capacitors. The beautiful aluminum cabinet has a durable scratch-proof multicolor Lexan front panel matches your rig perfectly and fits right into your station.
Malahit Antenna Tuner ATU-100 EXT 1.8-50MHz atu100 by N7DDC 7x7 0.96 Inch OLED 3.2 Firmware Programmed with Housing Assembled Machine with USB Cable(No Battery)
  • 【ATU-100 Version】 Latest program:3.2 version has been burned. Compared with version 3.1, some bugs have been fixed.
  • 【Product Features】Automatic Antenna Tuner machine with Shell(No battery),No need to assemble,can use it directly,Automatically tuned developed by N7DDC.
  • 【High-quality Accessories】 High-quality SMD capacitors, C-channel capacitors, high-quality 1000V high-voltage SMD capacitors, and the PIC chip imported. UHF connector.
  • 【Remarkably Compact】The shell of the machine is designed by an excellent designer, compact and exquisite.
  • 【What You Get】ATU-100 Automatic Antenna Tuner machine with Shell(No battery), 1* DC5.5 x 2.1 power cord , 1 *USB Booster board
ATU-100 Plus Upgraded 100W Open Source Shortwave Automatic Antenna Tuner with Metal Shell Assembled
  • Updated Antenna Tuner: Based on the ATU-100 EXT, the ATU-100 PLUS antenna tuner has improved in terms of software and hardware, product technology and product performance, the new firmware version makes the power measurement more accurate.
  • Automatic Antenna Tuner: The antenna tuner can be tuned automatically without a control cable, is suitable for most radio stations and meets your various requirements.
  • Tuning Range: 1.8-55MHz, contains a set of 7 capacitors and 7 chokes, which allow it to operate effectively in a wide frequency band.
  • High Quality: metal shell, stable and reliable performance; Large heat dissipation area, can better maintain long-term operation.
  • Equipment: mini shortwave antenna tuner, Type-C charging interface, M-seat, OLED display.
ATU-100 Tyny Version ATU-10 QRP Automatic Antenna Tuner 1.4 Version by N7DDC
  • [ATU-10 Version] Latest program:1.4 version has been burned.
  • [Product Features]Machine with Shell(with battery),No need to assemble,can use it directly. Developed by N7DDC. equipped with a 0.91 inch OLED screen
  • [High-quality Accessories] high-quality brand capacitors with a voltage resistance of 500V.And the PIC chip imported.
  • [Remarkably Compact] The shell of the machine is designed by an excellent designer, compact and exquisite.
  • [What You Get]: ATU-10 Tyny QRP Automatic Antenna Tuner machine with Shell.
Malahit ATU-100 Antenna Tuner DIY Kits 1.8-50MHz atu100 Automatic Antenna Tuner by N7DDC 7x7 0.96 Inch OLED SMT and chip soldered 3.2 Version Firmware Programmed Unassembled
  • [Version] The 3.2 version of the latest program has been burned. If the version is updated, you can contact us for the latest program.
  • [Product Features] The antenna tuner is automatically tuned,KIT of ATU (Automatic Antenna Tuner) developed by N7DDC, equipped with a 0.96 inch OLED screen, the data is clearly visible.
  • [High-quality accessories] Use high-quality brand SMD capacitors, C-channel capacitors, use high-quality 1000V high-voltage SMD capacitors, and the PIC chip imported.
  • [Interesting assembly] The kit has already soldered components and chips, and will be equipped with installation instructions, which is easy to install and enjoy the fun of assembly.
  • [UHF connector] This is specially prepared for you, which provides an extra layer of guarantee and possibility for you to connect products and equipment.
ATU-100 Upgraded ATU-500W ATU500 Automatic Antenna Tuner (ATU-500W by N7DDC) Tuning Range 10W-500W
  • 【Latest 3.1version】More stable.
  • 【Minimum power: 10 watt】 Below 10W cannot be tuned,please notice.
  • 【Ready to use】ATU-500 Antenna Tuner with Shell,no need to assemble,developed by N7DDC
  • 【About SO239】: Before placing an order, please pay attention to the size and shape of the SO239 configured by ATU500W. If you think it is suitable for your device connection, then place an order.
  • 【High-quality Accessories】The magnetic ring uses T130-2EW with low loss and low temperature rise, and its material uses German BASF6000 mesh 1-3 micron iron powder core. Performance is better than T130.All high-voltage capacitors use 4KV withstand voltage, NPO material
Z-11PROII LDG Electronics Automatic Antenna Tuner 1.8-54 MHz, 0.1-125 Watts, 2 Year Warranty
  • .1 to 125 watts SSB and CW peak power, 30 watts on PSK and digital modes, and 100 watts on 6 meters.
  • Built-in frequency counter for memory operation.
  • 1.8 to 54.0 MHz coverage.
  • Dimensions: 8.25”L x 5.0”W x 1.5”H.

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