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Ant Farm Nest, Ant Habitat Science Learning Kit, Study Insect Behavior and Ecosystem at Home & School (Size 5)
  • The Plastic Ant Housing is made of acrylic. The thickness of the acrylic farm is about 3mm. Thanks to the thick material, it has longer life time than any other material product.
  • It can enlarge infiniteless by connecting and attaching with other zones to create a big nest at your likeness
  • Suitable for insect feeding and insect observation experiment especially ants. Most of the area is transparent. It is good for ant observation science
  • Kindly remind : Ants are not included and this product need to installed by youself and there is a protective film on the surface of the acrylic house to avoid scratches.Please remove the film before the product is installed.
AntsCanada Ant Farming Kit - Professional Small Deluxe Ant Tower with Magnifying Glass, Pipette, & Tweezers | Small Ant Farm for Kids or Adults
  • PERFECT FOR BEGINNER ANT KEEPERS: The AntsCanada Ant Tower is a fully contained ant habitat, complete with a nesting and foraging area. This deluxe bundle comes with a kit (magnifying glass, pipette, and featherweight tweezers), to enhance the ant keeping formicarium experience. The Ant Tower is our easiest-to-use ant formicarium and it allows your ant colony to create their own nest by digging tunnels and chambers with 100% visibility, and requires very simple maintenance and set up!
  • CORNERLESS & SEEMLESS DESIGN: Some ant species can climb through any barrier applied if they have a corner to navigate. The cylindrical design of our ant farm terrarium helps you as the ant keeper to avoid this problem. There are also no seams or glue used in the construction of this ant ecosystem, meaning no places for ants to climb over ant barriers.
  • RED CELLOPHANE & MICROHOLE VENTILATION: Every Ant Tower comes with red cellophane so you can fool your ants to think they are in the dark, but still be able to see them within their nest area. An important aspect of any pet ant farm setup is air circulation and of course, all living organisms need a fresh supply of oxygen to survive!
  • HYDRATION SYSTEM: The bottom-up hydration approach more closely mimics the natural environment that ants live in. In nature, the deeper portions of an ant nest are typically moister than the upper portions. The water reservoir provides water to the ant house for at least a week, sometimes longer depending on local conditions. This way you can leave for a time period and not be worried about your ants dying from lack of water.
  • NEST REDUCER: The nest reducer allows you to make the width of the digging area narrower. For smaller ant species, this can be desirable as it forces them to dig more tunnels and chambers against the side of the ant farm labyrinth for better viewing. For larger species, its use is not recommended.
ERYLAND Ant Farm Starter Kit for Kids & Adults with Sand - Ant Sand Habitat for Live Ants and Queen - Sand Ant Colony Kit - Ant Terrarium with Sand
  • 🌈 NEW DESIGN : This ant farm will arouse the curiosity of every observer who touched. Digging tunnels, building nests and clever division of labor, as long as you feed them well. More interesting views after you hands on it.
  • 🔎INCLUDES : A body in 9.44" x 6.3" x 0.78" , sand, a plastic tweezers,, a drop bottle, flags and 2 food bowl. (ANTS NOT INCLUDED)
  • 🧐UNIQUE EXPERIENCE : The activity of ants can be observed on both sides of the workshop. Traffic will be heavy in the central circle. you can use a magnifying glass to see the details of the ants.
  • 📔GUIDE PAPER : 3 minutes to learn about the habits of ants, the use of products, and professional feeding knowledge. Help you build ant workshop quickly.
  • 💡ATTENTION : According to local regulations, ant workshop will not include live ants. We recommend buying ant colony with queen on Amazon. The best quantity is less than 200 and more than 50.
Live Ant Farm Ants Shipped Now: Ant Farm Kit Refill: Double Order
  • 2 Tubes of LIVE Ant Farm Ants shipped to your house right now.
  • Have more activity in your farm! Most farms can take 2 tubes of ants. Double the usual order!
  • Instructions and 60 LIVE red Harvester Ants for ant farms, ready to tunnel though your ant farm.
  • GUARANTEED! We guarantee LIVE arrival of your ants. ****DO NOT ORDER if below 40 degrees or above 85 degrees in your area. Our live arrival guaranty will be void if ordered during these temperatures. YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR CHECKING TEMPERATURES IN YOUR AREA to be sure your ants arrive alive.****
  • See "Product Description" below for lots of ANT FAQ.
Nature Bound Toys Ant Treehouse Habitat Kit with Sand, Connector Tube, Feeding Stick & Insect Instructions
  • Includes special Ant tunneling sand.
  • Includes connector tube - connect 2 or more habitats.
  • Includes feeding stick, sand, instructions, coupon.
  • Use coupon to save over 50% for live ants.
  • Designed for home or classroom use.
EXBEPE Ant Farm for Kids Large Double Layer Gel Ant Colony Ecosystem Terrarium Watch Ants Dig Their Own Ant House Tunnels Science Learning Kit for Kid & Adults(with No Ant)
  • Large Double Layer Ant Farm: 20mm widened large curved ant farm, 2x height, 3x activity space, HD ant habitat, wide ant digging area
  • Science Learning Toys Gift for Kids:Feed ants and observe them digging holes, foraging for food, building home and laying eggs,Observe the life cycle of an ant colony, how a disciplined society Groups divides labor and works together efficiently
  • Scientific Design:6 vents design for both top and feed area;Vertical 2-channel, parallel 4-channel design;2 feeding areas,2 digging areas design;3 curved ducts design
  • Humanized Matching:Including 1x double layer ant farm with blue and green gel ; 3x connecting tubs;1x magnifier;1x Dropper; 1x nipper, 2x cotton pads, 1x instructions
  • Note:Live ants not included, if you want to observe the social activities of the ant group it is best to purchase a separate ant colony containing the queen of the ants
Educational Insights GeoSafari Day 'N' Night Ant Factory: Kids Outdoor Toys, Certificate for Mail In Ants Included, STEM Learning, Ages 7+
  • ANT HABITAT WITH LED LIGHTS: Watch ants work—24/7—with nutrient-rich farm gel, which doubles as habitat and food, and color-changing LEDs that light up the night. Unique nutrient-rich gel eliminates the need for feeding or watering
  • SUPPORTS STEM: Introduces the amazing world of insects, encourages a love of life science, and rewards kids’ natural, scientific curiosity. Designed for kids ages 7–12
  • INCLUDES: 1 Ant habitat with 3 magnification spots; cool, color-changing LED lights with on/off switch; and air vent that allows air in while keeping ants safely contained inside
  • ANTS SHIPPED SEPARATELY: Includes a certificate to obtain ants by mail (consumer pays shipping & handling). You should receive your ants within two to three weeks from the time you mail your Ant Certificate (ants can not ship to Hawaii or Oregon). If the weather is extremely cold, there may be a delay in order to protect the ants.
  • AT HOME LEARNING ACTIVITY: Makes a great activity for kids to stay engaged, entertained, and learning outside of the classroom. We are dedicated in providing resources that keep your kids learning and having fun while at home
MOCOHANA Ant Farm Box Ant Home for Kids Study of Ant Behavior Ant Nest Farm Educational Formicarium for Ant
  • Approximate size: length 3.93 inches, width 3.15 inches, height 5.9 inches. The real anthill, effective space guarantee ants, and the queen's normal life and activities, the product does not include the ants.
  • Square box made of plastic, ant nest made of plaster, real ant's nest, suitable for the breeding of ants, the plaster nest provides a better view of the ants' activities.
  • Natural and ecological nest, see how they live and make tunnels, this ant farm is break resistant and escape proof making it an excellent gift for kids.
  • The ant nest made of this plaster and clay can basically survive to death as long as it is fed normally, suitable for children to observe or put in the office for leisure.
  • Compared to gel ant nests, ants eat gels that are easy to die. This gypsum ant nest is safer.
Uncle Milton Ant Farm
  • Four Antports for Connecting to Other Ant Farm Brand Ant Habitats
  • Antway Connector Tubing
  • Tip-Proof Stand
  • Clean Tunneling Sand
  • Ant Watcher's Manual
AntsCanada Ant Farming Hybrid Nest Mini 2.0 - Professional Small Ant Formicarium with Genus Specific Nest & Hydration System | Ant Farm for Kids or Adults
  • GENUS SPECIFIC: The designs of the Hybrid Nests are inspired by the natural architecture of several ant genera in the wild. Of course chambers and tunnels are the main design structures of all ant colonies, but size, length, and curvature make each ant nest design unique with specific functions at maintaining the ideal nest conditions. With extensive research and hands-on experience, we believe we have matched key nest elements in the Hybrid Nest designs with those of popular ant ecosystems.
  • HYDRATION SYSTEM: We feel that the less you have to worry about whether your formicarium is providing the proper amounts of moisture and humidity, the better. The greatest hydration feature is that the ant keeper can use any hydration medium they prefer or any that their ants prefer. The hydration system and the ant habitat can be separated without allowing ants to escape. This can come in handy when the hydration system needs cleaning or if the hydration medium needs to be replaced.
  • HEATING: There are a few options for heating a nest. One popular way is to use a heat cable. The Hybrid Nest ant farm labyrinth comes ready to accept a heat cable and allows for heat to enter the top of the nest, similar to the sun heating the top of a natural nest, eliminates condensation which is a notoriously common issue with heated formicariums, and it also creates a desirable temperature gradient for healthy thermoregulation of your ant farm set.
  • MODULAR & COVER: Ants naturally feel comfortable having their nest space cloaked in darkness. Our Hybrid Nests come with a cover so you can keep your ants in the dark when you are not observing your ants. You can easily increase your ant keeping formicarium by connecting additional Hybrid Nests using tubing.
  • CONNECTIVITY: The Hybrid Nest ant house easily connects directly to our AC test tube adapters. Simply remove the cotton plug from the test tube and insert the ant test tube into an entrance using an adapter – DONE! This makes moving any ant colony into your formicarium smooth and easy, as the colony has virtually no distance to travel. The ingeniously crafted entrances of the ant farm kit also connect to both sizes of AC-standard poly tubing, making it easy to connect to other formicaria.

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