Jan 27

The Enemy Within!

I’ve been running the ‘live’ KSFL now for 3 weeks and have been amazed by the positivity in the groups; as they are detoxifying their body and running on ‘clean’ (and it’s like putting premium fuel into your car – runs much better!), I can see the buzz, the PMA, they are totally focussed and strong-willed; a fighting force well on the way to reaching their goals.  They ‘get’ the KSFL way of eating!

But for those who are struggling more, it got me thinking.  Why are they finding it harder than others?  Why did they fall off the wagon? And are they scared to admit it? Of course, we’re all different and perhaps it is more difficult to eat this way for some than others.  What is certain is that it is not our body ‘letting us down’, but our brain, such a powerful force in our battle against fatloss; so shouldn’t we be looking into training our thought process to help us get back on the wagon and stay on it?

Sometimes, it’s like we don’t have a great impression of ourselves; we focus on the bad points and let them outweigh the good, we beat ourselves up mentally for making wrong decisions, but don’t learn from past failures and through various reasons, be it habit, association or the very fact that we feel we don’t deserve success, end up back at square one, swearing it will be different next time…..until the next time!

We need to break the cycle!

First of all, think about your own negative self-talk – how do you feel about yourself?  No, really!  Now imagine if someone spoke like that to your parents, or your best friend, or your children.  Are you shocked?  You should be!  It’s virtually bullying yourself – and you’re the only one left with the scars. How can you reach your goals and be happy if you don’t really like yourself?  Deep down, you’re saying “I’m not worthy of happiness”.  YOU WILL NOT REACH YOUR GOALS WITH THIS ATTITUDE – SIMPLE. So knock that straight on the head.  You need to stop yourself in your tracks the next time you ‘think’ badly of yourself, and switch it around.  You are a precious human being who deserves the best in life, is loved and means the world to someone out there.

We all know how to eat healthy, but we still head towards the ‘bad’ food; if we do something bad, we then feel bad; it’s constantly re-inforcing the ‘I am punishing myself because that’s all I deserve’ mentality.  Although eating healthy is good, we see ‘diets’ as ‘depriving’ ourselves and something that it not an enjoyable experience “that’s all we deserve” and when we give in to temptation feel bad because we feel weak.  Nearly everyone has been on a ‘diet’ in their lives, and it almost seems like the more depriving the diet is, the more we want to do it – after all –  ”it’s all we deserve for being gluttonous’.

It’s easier said than done, but once we start feeling better about ourselves, we then start liking ourselves, and that is the key to succeeding. And when we succeed in our weightloss goals, we feel more amazing – and so on!  Why do so much of us want to lose weight?  Is it because it impresses others?  Or do we want to be perceived in a certain way? Or do we feel better and are able to wear nicer outfits that are pleasing to the eye?  This is really important to identify because your reason for starting a weightloss program in the first place has to be big enough, so that when the emotional challenges kick in, that reason is strong enough to get you through the ‘blip’.

It’s OK to fail!  

And it will happen a lot in your life! That’s how we learn and eventually succeed.  Think how many times you fell off your bike when you were learning to ride it; and now you probably ride a bike without even consciously having to think about it.  Don’t be negative with yourself for failing; use it to make you more determined to do better next time, and to identify what it was that triggered the failure.  Maybe you were feeling angry, tired, emotional, overwhelmed.  Did something cause you to feel that way?  Perhaps an argument, an unexpected bill, pressure at work or childcare issues.  They are always going to happen in your life, so you need to come up with a game plan that will deal with this (perhaps go for a walk, take a bath with candles, something that has good associations with you), and have you staying strong instead of reaching for the biscuit tin!  And do you REALLY want that biscuit more than you want your goal?!  If so, you need to revisit your goal!

And if you DO reach for the biscuit tin, enjoy it for what it was, and move on; what’s done is done and you can’t go back (and beating yourself up won’t change it) – so put it in the past, don’t let it lead you down a path that will take you further away from your goals.  Be accountable, voice your goals, don’t fool yourself with excuses (which you know deep down are just that!) and keep reminding yourself of them everyday, and reap the benefits!  Your body deserves all the goodness you are feeding it (you are what you eat!) and will reward you accordingly!